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Comparing a local AIX/Unix Cloud Provider with an AIX Public Cloud

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Many clients have come to us commenting on adverts from mainly North American companies purporting to be AIX public cloud providers and asking if local AIX cloud service providers would provide a more flexible service than the shoehorn approach they have seen. Certainly by definition a public cloud will have restrictions that prospective users need to be […]

What’s stopping AIX and legacy environments being part of your cloud strategy?

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Now, for most, the holidays are over and attention directs towards 2018 budgets and strategies. As new workloads are assessed to move to cloud and new initiatives are considered what’s stopping AIX and legacy environments being part of this cloud and digitization strategy? Most companies either have a cloud strategy or are considering building one […]

Does having old Unix environments mean you are trapped in a world of constraint, high maintenance costs and sleepless nights?

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We’ve had many discussions where clients have expressed feeling they are being constrained by often critical but legacy Unix infrastructures. Whether long forgotten AIX 5.x versions or Solaris or HP-UX there has been a desire to move forward but the project has often been filed in the too hard folder. However, as these legacy infrastructures […]

Did the Top 10 Predictions on AIX come true?

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I stumbled across a 2013 version of IBM Systems Magazine from 2013 entitled ‘Top 10 Reasons AIX Will Endure’ Intrigued to find out what these predictions on the future were I opened the article and the reasons could roughly be grouped as follows: Ease of Use Support IBM and its continued investment and roadmap […]

Why migrate legacy AIX (and DBs) to cloud?

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Within today’s dynamic environment businesses continue to need more ways to effectively address infrastructure and application requirements. Within these requirements islands of AIX-based environments continue to pose strategic headaches as they host in most cases critical applications and databases that are still of real value to business. The market, of course, is evolving every single […]

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