logo-l3c-favicon1It seems that everywhere you turn you hear the word “Blockchain” and you’re told that it’s going to revolutionise banking, supply chain and commerce…in fact its going to revolutionise the whole world!

logo-l3c-favicon1It also seems that every conversation about Blockchain talks about it in abstract terms, sometimes it can be quite difficult to understand exactly how Blockchain might be applicable to your business challenges.

logo-l3c-favicon1At L3C we are at the cutting edge of Blockchain and are recognised as being amongst the global thought leaders and influencers on the subject. But we don’t just write and speak about it, we work with clients to develop Blockchain applications to help them leapfrog their competition.

There is lots to tell you about how L3C can benefit you:
logo-l3c-favicon1Fast – up to 7x improvement in information exchange between blockchain nodes
logo-l3c-favicon1Secure – global security compliance – PKCS 11, FIPS 140-2 Level 4, EAL 5
logo-l3c-favicon1Flexible – hybrid or private cloud deployments, UK Tier 3 Data centers ( tier 4 on demand)
logo-l3c-favicon1Easy – secure access to your existing apllications in your Data center or AWS, Azure or Softlayer
logo-l3c-favicon1 So, if you’d like to deploy Blockchain for your business, understand how Blockchain may impact your industry or just like to learn more about Blockchain click here or call us on +44 203 542 0870
logo-l3c-favicon1Download an introductory guide to Blockchain written by our VP of Business Development, Jerry Crossfield.

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