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Our Partners


L3C provide Imagga’s Content Moderation solution for the detection and moderation of inappropriate visual content such as adult content, violence, inappropriate historical figures, abuse, self-harm, substance abuse and cultural specific content using machine learning. This can be provided in a cloud or on premise solution helping organisations maintain reputation, standards and equality.

Other image recognition solutions from Imagga are available on the L3C Cloud platform.


L3C provide PlanetAI’s Intelligent Document Analysis solution from our Cloud platform allowing our clients to bring all types of documents, including handwritten and cursive text, into a searchable, electronic format. 

  • Full Text Search
  • Text-layer-PDF in database
  • Language independent
  • Up to 50,000 pages per hour processing capability
  • Voice Recognition
  • 97% accuracy in handwriting recognition
  • Utilises machine learning technology


L3C partner with France’s largest provider of IBM i series (AS/400) services to provide i series cloud solutions from our UK data centres. Service and system integrator with more than 25 years of experience in the French IT market. As a high value-added IT services partner, it assists in driving the IT transformation projects in changing market


Ontotext deploy Knowledge Graph and GraphDB solutions for UK clients with L3C Cloud. Connect diverse data sets and enhance them with text analysis and indexing to form large knowledge graphs to enhance your analysis of data. 

If you are looking to rapidly integrate new information sources and diverse sets of data, please contact us.

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