Our Services for System Integrators

We provide cloud and hosting infrastructure to you to help you assist your clients with
legacy transformation.

This can be short term (monthly) cloud or hosted infrastructure to assist with a particular
development project or providing a cloud or OPEX hosting model for longer term

We specialise in solving legacy environments for you:

logo-l3c-favicon1 AIX, Solaris or HPUX Unix

logo-l3c-favicon1 IBM System Z Mainframe as a service

logo-l3c-favicon1 IBM I series

logo-l3c-favicon1 We can migrate the workloads to our environment (if required)

logo-l3c-favicon1 Provide DB Admin support for Oracle, Progress and other niche databases.

As well as supporting you with legacy environments we can provide cloud infrastructure to
support new projects such as:

logo-l3c-favicon1 SAP HANA on Power PoCs and customisation projects

logo-l3c-favicon1 New Linux workloads (on Z, on Power, on Intel)