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L3C Services

Power Cloud

Cloud services for all types of UNIX-based workloads including AIX, iSeries, Linux. Can be a dedicated solution for more regulated customers. All data is in UK. Includes options for HA, backup, DR and all types of custom deployments

ML/Deep Learning

GPU-based AI cloud to train the most demanding models for all types of solutions in healthcare, geology, retail, risk management and those solutions processing images and supporting large data models.

x86 Instances

Available as public cloud but mostly price-effective dedicated Intel-based instances for customers with quick deployment requirements, regulation for data in UK or used as satellite systems to main UNIX loads.


Specilised in-memory dedicated cloud technology with leading memory-CPU throughput and the best SAP-certified virtualisation technology

Public Cloud

We build, migrate and operate your Public Cloud environment – specialising in IBM Cloud.

Administration and Support

24×7 remote SysAdmin and DBAdmin to alleviate resourcing pressures and improve Service Levels covering IBM AIX, Solaris, Linux, Windows, IBM i, Oracle, Progress and other environments as required.


We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers


Find a rich plethora of services starting from AIX reaching to latest AI developments 


A strong ecosystem of alliances and partners


A lot of technology, security and quality certifications, which to provide you the edge

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