A Superior Technology for Most Advanced Implementations

180%More Memory Bandwidth than x86
100%Increased Performance/Core than x86
100%I/O Bandwidth with PCIe GEN4 than x86

SAP HANA on L3C Power Cloud

Speed Up

Rapidly deploy SAP HANA on cloud ready instances customised to your needs. Accelerate your project with custom memory, CPU and storage needs.

Pay Less

Significantly cheaper than Public Cloud instances with support included and delivered from UK data centres.

Rock Solid

L3C Cloud is built on IBM Power, the most reliable technology platform outside of IBM System Z which also allows the live migration of instances.*

Think Smart

With 1.8 higher memory bandwidth and 2x CPU threads compared to Intel, you get the insight from your data so much faster. Be quick and be smart.

*Note: Find more info on the ranking of server availability in ITIC report.

What is Possible with L3C Power Cloud?

16Production VMs on a node

L3C SAP HANA Cloud works within your ecosystem providing speedily available infrastructure to support your SAP Implementation partner and in-house teams for:

  • Performance Optimisation
  • Custom Code Adjustment & Optimisation
  • HW Sizing for Production Deployment
  • DB/OS/App Versioning
  • Process Evaluation
  • Migration Testing / Load Test

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L3C Power Cloud for SAP HANA Deployment Models


Ideal for fast start to projects, PoCs, sizing, customization, versioning.

No data transfer costs.

Delivered from UK Tier 3 data centre(s).

Full infrastructure support from highly skilled Power/Linux team.

On Premise

We can deploy Power on premise and manage the environment remotely.

Ideal to avoid transferring large amounts of data to cloud. Monitored and run remotely by highly skilled Power/Linux team.

We can also manage your legacy environments if required.


Combination of cloud and on premise allowing the benefits of a hybrid model to avoid project delays.


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