x86 Cloud

Dedicated Instances on Latest x86 (Intel) Technology

For Every Purpose You Would Need. Dedicated. 100% Based in UK.

Get Per-Instance Configurations of:

6000GB Memory
112Physical Cores


Get Your High Speed Dedicated Instances in Matter of Minutes. With a Technology You Trust.

  • VMWare ESX Support

Get the hypervisor your teams are already familiar with.

  • Full Monitoring

Whether it is storage usage, network traffic or CPU/RAM we will be monitoring it

  • SSD/NVMe

Best high-speed disk storage there is. On physical or virtual.

  • Migration

Full assistance when required.


Price-Effective, Optimized, Green

  • Targeted Pricing

Get the best pricing that you need. Beats even the most popular clouds.

  • Security

Get your secure UK-based data processing services and regulation will no longer be an issue.

  • Flexible SLA

Secure the SLA you need, not the one that we want.

  • Optimization

Always monitor, always question, always optimize, always improve.

Striving for Perfection

L3C Cloud For x86 Unique Features

Better pricing than comparative public clouds

Custom SLA

Faster migration time

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