AI Cloud – optimised for image processing and large data models

NVIDIA Instances

Nvidia GPU technology including Tesla v100s

IBM PowerAI Instances

GPU nodes with Large Model Support and IBM AI Vision

L3C AI Cloud Platform

L3C AI Cloud utilises NVIDIA Tesla v100 GPUs and IBM PowerAI technology from our secure Tier3 UK data centres to provide the optimum platform to develop, test and deploy your AI, analytics, machine learning and deep learning solutions. With L3C you can create your PoC, develop your model and then use our expertise to decide your best deployment option.

40%up to 40% more cost effective than major public clouds
50xFaster Model Training
2000GB Model Size

Support of All Major Deep Learning Frameworks

Interview CEO on AI Trends

Lubo Cheytanov on L3C AI CLOUD

A few words from our CEO – Lubo Cheytanov on AI and L3C AI Coud Services

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