L3C Automate

Simplify Backup, Disaster Recovery on Skytap on Azure


Schedule your template copies in Skytap on Azure for whole environments, single virtual machines and optionally their networks. Choose between different provided regions in Skytap and follow the copy progress.


Define you local retention copies count as well as you remote copies count. Easily clean available templates from copy definitions when you do not need them any more. Validate local and remote templates against manual intervention.


Gathers data one every single copy, providing you with average statistics for speed, volumes and history for each region and technology. Draws easy to use dashboard, enabling quick view on best performing copies depending on their region.

Schedule Skytap DR

L3C Automate is an intuitive application aimed at enabling customers to automatically schedule remote template copies in Skytap on Azure. It enables local and remote retention when doing copies, allowing quick recovery in the local and remote data centers.

l3c automate dashboard

Powerfull statistics

Get detailed statistics on all of your performed copies including volumes, copy time and copy speeds. Choose the best performing regions for your DR copies and plan easily your next switchover.

Copy definitions

L3C Automate allows an unlimited number of copy definitions including manual and automatic ones. They can encompass one or more virtual machines and networks.

Detailed view

Each copy definition gathers various meta data for its local and remote templates, its schedules and copy history. Easily edit names and schedules and purgle local and remote templates if needed.


L3C Automate supports advanced scheduleing for the copies as well as for the regular mailing reports. You can choose from one hourly or a few daily schedules with determined exact hours to perform.

L3C Automate pricing

L3C Automate pricing is based on annual basis. L3C do provide the application free of charge in case of managed services agreement. Partnering and rebranding is also supported.

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