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IBM Power on Cloud experts


Highest Cloud availability on highly secure platform


Test environments through to the most critical Production workloads


Cyber Essentials certification and ISO27001 Information Security Management


World-class support during migration and operations workflow

AIX All Around Experts

Customer-Focused Cloud


No hidden charges, no minimum contract length, your budget challenges met

  • AIX Cloud yearly plan
  • £499/mth
  • Small LPAR
  • 1 Dedicated Core
  • 8GB Memory
  • 100GB Secure Storage
  • 50mbps Internet/VPN
  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • All Data in the UK
  • AIX Cloud Custom Plan
  • Irresistible
  • Multiple LPARs
  • Multiple Cores
  • Custom Memory and Storage
  • HA and/or DR
  • Full Backup and Data Retention
  • 24x7 Support
  • All Data in the UK

Plans may require an initial set up fee


    Please send your request and we will get back to you within an hour!

    • Standard LPARCustom LPARs

    Your Roadmap to AIX and SPARC/Solaris Cloud Migration


    We’ll review your current environment and future plans for the workloads


    We’ll review dependencies, the need to integrate with Apps in public clouds

    Migration and

    We’ll migrate you to L3C secure Tier 3 data centres, provide a managed service

    Data retention
    and DR needs

    We’ll assess your data retention strategy and if your DR is fit for purpose

    Build and test
    the plan

    We’ll assess connectivity and build and test the migration plan

    Quick Flexible Support

    L3C AIX Cloud offers a range of service supporting test through to the most business critical environments. Our focus is on response, resolution and quality.


    L3C team will monitor your AIX environment and proactively warn of any issues with performance, space and downtime.


    L3C Team will support your AIX environment ensuring issues are resolved with your SLA


    L3C Team will perform AIX System Administration and handle OS issues and complex troubleshooting.


    Get the desired version of IBM AIX without the boundaries of taking care of the equipment. AIX 5.1 through to the current AIX 7.2 supported. New versions are added almost immediately to the service.


    Using world’s most secure virtualisation to host your LPARs. Whether in a dedicated environment or in a shared pool, your security is ensured. Moving workloads is as flexible as ever.

    IBM POWER7-9

    Wide range of node hardware with Power7, Power8 and Power9 processor technology. Reliability, scalability, security for enterprise software needs. Engineered to last.


    Enhanced availability at the OS level for your most critical workloads. Licensing, configuration, support and fail over are handled by the L3C Team.


    1. 1
      How do I get an accurate price for my environment?

      Please submit a form or email us with more details about your environment and a contact number so we can discuss with you directly. You won’t be called by a sales person, it will just be to verify the technical environment and commercial constraints.

    2. 2
      What connectivity is supported for the LPARs?

      By default dynamic VPN connectivity is included in the service for usage. We also offer:

      1. Site-to-site VPN connectivity
      2. Dedicated Layer2 connectivity to our sites
      3. Secure public access if required
    3. 3
      Are the LPARs protected by high-availability?

      We protect our environment with intrinsic PowerVM high-availability functionality, which protects your LPARs from prolonged downtime during physical host failure (more than 30 minutes). Also options are provided for configuration and support of PowerHA/HACMP implementations.

    4. 4
      How is the pricing structured?

      We can offer a price per LPAR which gives flexibility up and down over time as workloads are increased or decommissioned. Alternatively we can provide a fixed monthly charge. There are no hidden costs with our service, for example for upload/download of data and we do not charge annual price increases in committed term agreements.

    5. 5
      What kind of storage tiers are there?

      We work with two main storage tiers - normal and performance. First is based on SAS or low-end SSD disks, second is based on high-performance SSD drives.

    6. 6
      What AIX Versions are supported?

      We support starting from AIX 5.1 (within WPARs) to latest AIX 7.2. Some features may be limited to older versions of AIX operating systems, which is purely a limitation of the AIX itself.

    7. 7
      How can we do migration?

      We can set up the environment and transfer to you for migration or you can take an offer from us for a complete migration of your service to L3C Cloud. Different approaches can be used in the latter option including storage/servers on-site, backup replication, storage replication, etc.

    8. 8
      Can we test?

      Yes, we offer short-term PoC free of charge for a subset of your environment. Also, you can start small with a test environment in order to evaluate how a cloud service works within your organisation and integrates with your overall operation.

    9. 9
      Can there be a DR in a second data center?

      Yes, we have secondary data centers either in the UK or EU depending on your preference. Disaster Recovery can be implemented with a number of approaches and RPO and RTO are to fully cover your specific needs.

    10. 10
      What is the security?

      L3C is certified under the following standards: ISO and Cyber Security

      Please visit L3C Certification page for more information.

      Not only that we follow all security guidelines but we can rather easily fit into yours as well.

    11. 11
      What type of environments do you support?

      We support some of the most business critical environments in the UK with the strictest SLAs as well as providing test/dev platforms across multiple versions of OS and HW for Software companies to maintain platforms for their end clients.

    12. 12
      What is the minimum contract length?

      We provide short term monthly contracts as well as annual and longer term agreements for our clients who are looking for additional peace of mind and commercial advantage.

    13. 13
      Where are your data centres?

      Our UK data centres are located inside and outside the M25. The exact location will be provided on request. We can offer EU data centres on request.

    14. 14
      How can I connect my AIX Cloud in your data centres to my applications deployed in AWS, Azure, Google and other Cloud environments?

      We provide direct links from our data centres into all the major public cloud providers.

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