Skytap on Azure

Skytap on Azure

We design, build and migrate your AIX & IBM i workloads to Skytap on Azure with optional ongoing cloud managed services

Skytap on Azure with L3C Migration, your roadmap to digital transformation

Skytap on Azure

Skytap on Azure allows traditional workloads such as AIX, IBM i and Linux on IBM Power to run natively in Microsoft Azure, allowing you to bring legacy but still critical AIX and IBM i workloads into a cloud environment. You gain all the advantages of a core cloud infrastructure platform such as capacity on demand, self provisioning, high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR).

Latency between traditional AIX and IBM i Power based workloads and applications running natively on Azure is minimised and they can be enhanced by additional Azure services such as analytics, AI/ML and Azure SQL.  

At L3C we are the migration experts and will efficiently and cost effectively migrate your AIX and IBM i workloads onto Skytap on Azure for a fixed price per LPAR allowing you to finally bring legacy but still critical environments into your digital transformation and cloud initiatives.


We design & build a highly available Skytap on Azure infrastructure for your workloads


Planning live & non-live migrations to ensure effiicient and Effective migrations minimising downtime


Cyber Essentials Plus certification and ISO27001 Information Security Management


We build monitoring & backup services for your Skytap on Azure workloads and provide ongoing cloud managed service

L3C Skytap on Azure Migration Experts

L3C Migration and Skytap on Azure Infrastructure Pricing

L3C Migration Services are fixed price per LPAR, contact us for more information and to discuss further

Skytap on Azure infrastructure is purchased directly from Microsoft Azure, contact us and we can provide a full quote for your infrastructure and migration services.


    Please send your request and we will get back to you within an hour!

    • Standard LPARCustom LPARs


    1. 1
      How do I get an accurate price for my environment?

      Please submit a form or email us with more details about your environment and a contact number so we can discuss with you directly. You won’t be called by a sales person, it will just be to verify the technical environment and commercial constraints.

    2. 2
      What connectivity is supported for the LPARs?

      By default dynamic VPN connectivity is included in the service for usage. We also offer:

      1. Site-to-site VPN connectivity
      2. Dedicated ExpressRoute and Private Network Connection to Azure/Skytap
      3. Secure public access if required
    3. 3
      Are the LPARs protected by high-availability?

      We help design the environment with a high available physical nodes design. Also options are provided for configuration and support of PowerHA/HACMP implementations.

    4. 4
      How is the pricing structured?

      We can offer a migration price per LPAR, which is one-time charge. Support, monitoring and backup are priced monthly per LPAR, which gives flexibility up and down over time as workloads are increased or decommissioned. Alternatively we can provide a fixed monthly charge. There are no hidden costs with our service and we do not charge annual price increases in committed term agreements.

    5. 5
      What Versions of OS are supported?

      We support starting from AIX 5.2, 5.3 (within WPARs) to latest AIX 7.2 (future AIX 7.3). Some features may be limited to older versions of AIX operating systems, which is purely a limitation of the AIX itself. Additionally, Skytap currently supports the following IBM i versions: 7.2 TR9, 7.3 TR5 and 7.4.

    6. 6
      How can we do migration?

      We can set up the environment and transfer to you for migration or you can take an offer from us for a complete migration of your service to Skytap on Azure. Different approaches can be used in the latter option including appliances on-site, backup replication, mksysb shipping, BRMS, etc.

    7. 7
      Can we test?

      Yes, you can start small with a test environment in order to evaluate how a cloud service works within your organisation and integrates with your overall operation.

    8. 8
      Can there be a DR in a second data center?

      Yes, Skytap on Azure offers data centers either in the UK or EU depending on your preference. Disaster Recovery can be implemented with a number of approaches and RPO and RTO are to fully cover your specific needs.

    9. 9
      What is the security?

      ‘L3C has ISO and UK Cyber Essentials certifications. Please visit our certifications page for more information.

      Skytap on Azure is provided from infrastructure within Microsoft Azure datacentres worldwide. Please contact us for more information related to Skytap on Azure security.

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