L3C Monitor

Get your AIX, IBMi, Linux, Windows workloads into Azure Monitor


Get your AIX, IBMi, Linux and Windows performance statistics into Azure Monitor immediately without installing any agents onto the LPARs. Does not apply any performance overload on the systems.


Runs as dedicated instance in your environment and does not require any external access from the Internet. It supports public and private endpoints to Azure monitor.


Automates charts and dashboard building in Azure Monitor, allowing you to take advantage of pre-built recommended graphs on more than 40 AIX and IBMi statistics.

Monitor AIX, IBMi, Linux, Windows

L3C Monitor is an intiutive, web-based application, which allows for self-configuration of AIX and IBMi LPARs monitoring. The application integrates the data it gathers from the LPARs into Azure Monitor, allowing automatic deployment of graphs, charts and dashboards.

Update: Windows and Linux have been added to ensure Azure Monitor support for older versions.

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Bulk actions

Organize the created LPAR definitions for monitoring via a single interface. The bulk view allows for easy filtering and sorting upon different crtiteria. Scope of monitored components can be dynamically set on all selected LPAR definitions. Measuring time, which determines how often performance statistics are gathered, can be set bulk here as well.

Detailed view

Each LPAR/VM definition gathers various meta data besides the performance data itself. You can easily test the input credentials, validate network connecitivity to the LPAR and review the error log. Within the detailed view of the LPAR you can see when the last measurement took place and when the next will be. There is a flexible choice of monitoring scope as well as statistics on query performance time.

Azure statistics

L3C Monitor gathers statistics for the number of events and time series it generates when collecting performance and transforming to Azure Monitor-suitable data. You can set the time to reset the counters depending on your retention period within Azure. Support of a custom SMTP server allows for reporting and mail alerting.


Need more information how to set up Azure or some parts of the application? We have extensive documentation with intuitive search to guide through the process step by step. On a further need of support, please consult the support section. On any ocassion let us know whether you like the app.

L3C Monitor pricing

L3C Monitoring pricing is based on per LPAR basis. L3C do provide the application free of charge in case of managed services agreement. Partnering and rebranding is also supported.

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