Migrating AIX Legacy to Cloud

Migrating AIX legacy to Cloud

Executive Summary

Our client was faced with an AIX infrastructure that had reached capacity and was posing an increasing risk to the business that relied on critical cash applications utilizing Oracle and Progress databases. They also had to exit
their existing data centre in a fixed timeline (or face large penalty charges). L3C was able to complete the migration on time, within budget while mitigating risks to provide a new fully supported private cloud with Oracle and Progress support and an enhanced, fit for purpose disaster recovery solution.


Our client needed to migrate business critical cash applications with almost zero downtime within a fixed 4 month period that also had to account for a change freeze. The new private cloud needed Oracle and Progress support to lessen the reliability on contract staff and connectivity to the client’s public cloud  applications in AWS. A 15-minute Recovery Point Objective was also required for disaster recovery. 

How L3C Helped

L3C’s experienced team devised a detailed plan to migrate the  applications to a new dedicated environment within L3C’s Tier3 data centres. Although the available migration windows were very small, L3C were able to create and implement a solution to achieve the migration to L3C’s hybrid cloud that was completed within the required  timeframe. Our solution also  included a vastly improved DR solution with a far improved RPO and RTO. Once migrated to L3C cloud environment our client was able to utilize our Oracle and Progress DB Administration skills
to reduce their reliance on  contract staff and enhance their Service Levels provided to business users. Connectivity from L3C to the client’s AWS applications helped  complete the hybrid approach and provide a totally integrated

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The new hybrid cloud environment operates at lower cost than the previous environment, has improved Service Levels, improved DR solution, allows for future business growth and is based on modern technology that facilitates future expansion with cognitive and analytical solutions.

End Results:
  • Lower Operational Cost.
  • Improved Service Levels.
  • Platform for Future Growth.
  • Platform for New Solutions.
  • Improved DR Solution.

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