AI Cloud for Universities

Programs with GPU Acceleration, Free Scheduling

Docker, NVidia GPU Instances for Educational Purposes

L3C provides a university initiative for small education teams, which need access to GPU resources for a limited period at a significant price reduction. The program is aimed at 30-40 student teams, which need GPU access for a limited period in order to complete their education projects.

L3C AI Cloud for Universities


Service is based entirely on Docker containers with NVidia and IBM PowerAI instances.


Focused on machine and deep learning projects with access to NVidia Tesla V100 GUs


Large model support and distributed deep learning included with possible support from our team.


Comes with free of charge GPU schedulе software in order to distribute usage between students.

Start Now with These Steps:

Register your program with L3C

Check program resource availability

Get access to an environment with 4 x NVidia GPUs

Register your students in L3C Scheduling tool

Get support for better results

Put your projects on the map with joint initiatives

L3C Scheduling App Section (in progress)

Interactive web interface to organize resource utilization within L3C AI Cloud

Register users and manage their access roles

Manage GPU utilization by attaching and detaching resources to projects

Request, approve and reject GPU access with internal validation

Intuitive GPU usage calendar to help your decision-making

Get email notifications on each important step

Build, start, stop and destroy Docker instances

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1
    How can apply for access?

    Initiative provides access to computing capacity and capability in promotion of education in Data Science, Big Data, and Data Analytics.We are offering a flexible approach without scheduling fixed call for proposals. Based on direct communication, we can find the most suitable time to provide access for our partners. Please contact us at for more information.

  2. 2
    Who is eligible to apply?

    Our offer extends to full-time faculty or researcher at an accredited UK-based university, college, or other educational institution. 

  3. 3
    What are the commitments if I am selected?

    Beside any other contractual agreements between both parties,  we ask awardees to submit a follow-up report on the research outcome which was made possible using our resources. This request will include listing publications, talks, posters, etc. accepted or in review directly as a result of the partnership.

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