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Prevent harmful online images with L3C AI Cloud

Advanced AI-trained solution for protection of content within your organization


Versatile Sourcess

Billions of users share text, image, video and audio content online. Automatic filtering of unsafe content in images, videos and live streaming.


API Interface

Create your API account and immediately feed your data to our REST API. Pre-trained model will do heavy lifting, process large amounts of data.


Your Rules

Set your own custom moderation rules via a handy user interface (available on both web and mobile). Control scope of moderation, roles, etc.


Human Moderation

If needed, we can provide human moderation, delivering a complete solution, or you can plug-in your manual moderation team.

Basic Categories for Moderation

Nudity, partial nudity


Self harm, gore

Alcohol, drugs, forbidden substances

Abuse of alcohol, drugs, forbidden substances

Weapon, torture instruments

Verbal abuse, harsh language, racism

Obscene gestures

Graffiti, demolished sights

Physical abuse, slavery

Brawls, mass fights

Propaganda, terrorism

Infamous symbols, vulgar symbols

Infamous landmarks

Infamous people

Horror, monstrous images

Culturally-defined inappropriateness

Custom-defined based on customer needs

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