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Does your AIX/Unix Dev/Test environment need a SLA?

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Moving Dev/Test workloads to cloud/hosted environments are often the first step for organisations when considering cloud or off premise hosted deployments. The major Public Clouds started attracting workloads in this way with support being on an ‘as is’ or ‘reasonable efforts’ basis. L3C, a specialist UK AIX/Unix service provider offers flexible and realistic Service Level Agreements […]

Why construction companies need better mobile device security

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A recent article in UK Construction Online highlighted why construction companies need to focus on data security. We believe mobile device security should be a key element of their plans. With a long supply chain and use of subcontractors on projects commonplace, the risks of data loss and compromise are increased. Smartphone and tablet usage, […]

Comparing a local AIX/Unix Cloud Provider with an AIX Public Cloud

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Many clients have come to us commenting on adverts from mainly North American companies purporting to be AIX public cloud providers and asking if local AIX cloud service providers would provide a more flexible service than the shoehorn approach they have seen. Certainly by definition a public cloud will have restrictions that prospective users need to be […]

What’s stopping AIX and legacy environments being part of your cloud strategy?

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Now, for most, the holidays are over and attention directs towards 2018 budgets and strategies. As new workloads are assessed to move to cloud and new initiatives are considered what’s stopping AIX and legacy environments being part of this cloud and digitization strategy? Most companies either have a cloud strategy or are considering building one […]

How do you empower your workforce yet maintain mobile device security?

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Mobile access via smartphone, tablet or laptop to corporate applications is a key element in empowering staff and improving productivity. Employees today expect a very different relationship with technology than they have done in the past and it is no wonder when estimates show that within five years there are likely to be 10bn devices […]

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